Jacks or Better

Generally, video poker is an overlooked genre of casino games but Netent has always provided some of the greatest versions of it. Jacks or Better is one good example of that. Played on popular sites like https://www.1netentcasino.org , the game gives you a chance to safely win big. It is an exciting game that will entice you.

Jacks or Better Slot Info

If you have played poker before, you will acknowledge that it requires specific hand movements for you to win. Jacks or Better slot, just like many other developed by Netent, has a very exciting game play. As a matter of fact, established online casinos like https://www.johncluster.com have adapted the game as a basic entity.

It not only gives you better chances of winning but also offers lucrative welcome bonuses. In Jacks or Better, it takes the simple idea of poker card game and combines it with features of online slot game. This combination makes it one of the most iconic and interesting games ever developed by Netent.


The Visual Appeal

If there is a mastermind in slot games when it comes to visual appeal, then it is Jacks or Better. It has amazing background theme that features shadows of a city at night, while the play area is clearly displayed at the top of the screen. The game has different sizes of characters and each one is designed exemplary.

Viewing the Payouts

With the play area clearly displayed at the top of your screen, you have the chance to view the various types of payouts you can get after winning the game. On your bottom left side of the screen, you will get more information about the different kinds of poker hands like Straight Flash.

Number of Cards Dealt

Just like many other Netent slot games, it is important to know the number of cards dealt. In Jacks or Better, you will be dealt five cards and they will be displayed at the bottom of every interface. The game's logo will be displayed at the top right corner of your screen.

Jacks or Better Game Customization

Underneath the game layout, you will get the gambling and customization buttons. The most essential button is the bet level option. With this button, you are able to adjust your bet level between one and five. The button also lets you set the amount you want to spend and shows the amount you can win.

Changing the Coin Values

One big advantage with Jacks or Better is the fact you will be able to change the coin values. The slot gives you a range of between €0.10 and €25 per round. So, in case you have the highest bet amount and the maximum value activated, you will be able to change it.

If you want to hit the maximum level in the shortest time possible, you can simply hit the 'Max Bet' button. Gamblers are however warned against inappropriately using the Max bet button. Study the game carefully before hitting it, don't take a shot at higher amounts if you aren't experienced at it.

The Appeal of Jacks or Better

The Jacks or Better video slot created by Netent has been one of the most appealing games available in this category. This is probably because of the popularity this slot was created alongside. The game gives you the chance to play up to 25 poker hands on a genuinely superior graphical display.

Jacks or Better Final Verdict

Netent never disappoints when it comes to creating interesting game slots. Jacks or Better is an exact reflection of perfection. From the graphics to gameplay, it is simply outstanding. The game is also compatible with most devices. Players not only stand a better chance of winning but will enjoy playing the game. It is double satisfaction!