Netent vs Evolution Gaming | Which Is Better?

Netent and Evolution are the biggest live casino providers in the gaming industry today. Visit to have an overview of these live casinos. On paper, they may be evenly matched but does one have more to offer than the other?

The User Interface

Both gaming giants have a user-friendly interface, as you will discover when you visit . However, Netent has a slight edge over Evolution since it provides more features such as in-game statistics and on-screen dealer's last game history.

Additional features on Netent

Netent definitely beats Evolution when it comes to the user interface. This can be attributed to the extra features, which are not available at Evolution, to its users. these features give players more knowledge about the on-going game.

Making the correct call

The extra features at Netent, such as the on-screen dealer history and in-game statistics, help players on Netent make the correct call better than their counterparts on Evolution Gaming. Playing on Netent may give you a better experience than Evolution.

In-Game Betting Features

Both live casino providers offer almost every feature you would need for conventional betting. For example, you will realize that both Netent and Evolution offer the option to double down, or split, and a host of common side bets.

There is something more at Evolution Gaming when it comes to in-game betting features. Evolution has implemented the Pre-Decision feature which allows you to make your call at the same time as the first player - no need to wait your turn.

Netent vs Evolution Gaming: Game Selection

Evolution offers a wider range of game selection compare to Netent. Evolution features numerous classic tables, alongside VIP Blackjack tables, made-to-order live blackjack tables, as well as Blackjack Party - all customized to meet every player's needs.

Netent's Common-Draw Blackjack table

Players on Netent use a variety of currencies to play its unique Common-Draw Bkackjack tables. The company enables players to make their stakes at once, providing for a smooth experience. However, it still falls behind Evolution which offers a wider selection.

Customized Live Casino Tables

If you are looking for a game provider that allows you to customize the live casino tables and your gaming environment, you may choose Evolution gaming. This is not to say that Netent doesn't excel in this department.

What Do Serious Players Want?

If you are a serious gamer, you would look for certain features in any live casino. Apart from the easy to use interface, you would want top of the range graphics, as well as the ability to customize your gaming environment.

Why Evolution Gaming Excels

Although both Netent and Evolution gaming perform excellently on various fronts, the latter has an edge over the former. Evolution offers many more games, each with different customizations, compared to Netent. For this reason, it triumphs over Netent.

The Need for Personalized Experience

Most gamers would go for a more personalized experience in gaming. You would, therefore, visit a live casino that offers a host of options to enable you to adjust your own settings. Evolution offers such an experience.

Netent vs Evolution Gaming: Who Wins?

Although Netent and Evolution Gaming go head to head in the gaming industry, a few features set them apart. Netent excels in the user interface but Evolution shines in both variety of games and customizations. Therefore, Evolution Gaming wins.